Welcome to my official website!

I am a half French, half Swedish multi-lingual actress, fluent in English (UK and US), Swedish and French, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden.

My passion is bringing characters to life with depth and intensity.

I strive to bring a unique perspective to characters I play, grounded complexity and warmth.

With extensive experience and training, I am able to tackle challenging and diverse roles that push the boundaries of my abilities.

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to take on. I am dedicated, hardworking and ready to make a difference in the world of film.

I strive to connect with audiences and deliver performances that leave a lasting impression, and I am grateful for the opportunities to showcase my abilities. 

Furthermore, as a professional, I am easy to work with and able to collaborate effectively with directors and other actors, making me a valuable asset on any set.

If you are searching for an actor who is committed, nerdy, passionate, and able to deliver memorable performances, you've come to the right place!

"Léonie has a strong, inspiring and rewarding force. 

As an employee, she is eager to contribute to the artistic development in the organization, and as an actor she is incredibly skilled and brave. 

..She loves challenges and has managed to deliver fantastic performances - complex character work, strong and at the same time vulnerable vibrating."

- Therese Willstedt 2019 (CEO, Artistic Director, Stage Director)