A c t o r     

Foto: Sofie Amalie Klougart, Regionteatern



Jag är en svensk/fransk skådespelare.

Efter 10 år av drama utbildningar, bland annat på Teaterhögskolan i Luleå, känner jag mig kompetent att jobba internationellt i alla genrar av film och scenkonst. 

Mitt sätt att arbeta är intuitivt och undersökande.





I am a swedish/french actress.

After 10 years of dramatic art studies, including The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Luleå, I feel competent to work internationally in all genres of film and performing arts.

My way of working is intuitive and explorative.

"Léonie has a strong, inspiring and rewarding force. 

As an employee, she is eager to contribute to the artistic development in the organization, and as an actor she is incredibly skilled and brave. 

..She loves challenges and has managed to deliver fantastic performances - complex character work, strong and at the same time vulnerable vibrating."

- Therese Willstedt 2019 (CEO, Artistic Director, Stage Director)